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On My Honor : Heroes Reborn

“On My Honor: Heroes Reborn” THE MOVIE is a film adaptation of a book entitled On My Honor published on 2001 narrating and recognizing the gallantry, heroism, acts of courage, selflessness and depicting what a true blood Boy Scouts of the Philippines stands for in all these years of their existence and in the tradition keeping up with its universal values which is Laging Handa.

The film also cites the important Boy Scouts figures and names who stood and in process sacrificed their lives performing their duties and values that truly deserves a recognition and place in our consciousness. It also highlights important events and happenings that brought about these admirable acts truly worth emulating and sharing for the next generation.

It’s about time that this millennial generation come to know these inspirational true to life stories to educate greater reach of masses of the significance of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines in the molding of Filipino culture and values which is to become a moral and upright citizen.


The film starts with a narrative in the present day led by a senior scoutmaster portrayed by Leo Martinez encounter with the street kids who became curious of the memorial figures depicted in the monument at Tomas Morato – the fallen 24 scout delegates of World Jamboree.

These kids eagerly listened to each transition of the Four (4) stories by way of flashback that takes them to the timeline and frame of each back story of the Boy Scouts heroics, namely:

  • Story of 24 Filipino Scout Delegates – The plane crash that claims the lives of 24 scout delegates for 11th world Jamboree held in Greece in 1963.
  • Story of Scout Aris Espinosa – The 1994 bomb explosion incident that documents the saving deed of Scout Aris C. Espinosa
  • Story of Oscar Alcaraz – The scout who saved his scoutmaster- The 1970 drowning accident that cost the life of Scout Oscar Alcaraz by saving his scoutmaster
  • Story of Sahjid Bulig, the Scout hero of Pagoda tragedy. The unforgettable deed of 13 year old Sahjid Bulig who saved 5 kids from drowning during tragedy costinghis own.

The inspiring adaptation of these stories further fuels the interest of these street children to pursue their own lives later by emulating these Boy Scouts shining examples carrying its principles and ideals and the possibility that they too can be a hero in their own right and they are in the process to become one of the Boy Scouts.

This led to the life changing and turning point opportunity for the street children who will be seen continuing the legacy and tracing their path to become another batch and generation of heroes reborn with the application of what a true- blooded Boy Scouts in the present circumstances and time in the name of their oath …….  LAGING HANDA.

Special Participation:


Tony San Agustin, KDPP

Antonio Coral Jr.

Robert “Obet” Pagdanganan, Leo Martinez, Jeffrey Santos, Ricardo Cepeda, Niño Muhlach, Diego

Cassey Pestillos, Sandro Muhlach, Michael Padua, Prince Pineda